Thursday, September 30, 2010

/g/ on a daily basis

and yet /g/ is my favorite board.

...What is wrong with me?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Read this.

Holy Sh*t, the US is f*cked...for the nth time.

This "bill", if it can be called one, makes me think that the people who agree with it should buy a 12-gauge shotgun with shells and play solo russian roulette with themselves.

This, really, is a serious wake-up call to all the people in our (if you're from the USA) nation to get those as*es off those laz-e-boys, get those noggins a-movin' (and for some, those shotguns a-pumpin' their own heads), and for Moot's sake, fight tyranny in the Government for once!

Friggin' Little Kids...

So, today I set off on my daily jog around the neighborhood with my shiny new Polar watch and chest-strap on.

Difference today?

My friggin' little brother was following me all the way.

So here's the deal. While I was ready to go out to jog, he (and he's only 10!) viciously asks for a rubber band for no apparent reason even though he is perfectly capable of getting one himself.

Always one for the sarcasm, I fling back the suggestion that if he would make me a glass of lemonade, complete with icecubes, then I would get him the rubber band.

Being the  stingy little bastard (always has, always will be) he is, I was completely caught off guard when he marched into the kitchen and promptly returned 5 minutes later with a glass of lemonade (complete with icecubes!) in his hand and asked for the rubber band. Having no choice but to submit, I opened the drawer for a rubber band.

But, as my hand was reaching for it, he quickly grabbed one himself and walked off.

Thinking nothing of it, I went outside and began running.

But after a few minutes, I was beginning to wonder who was following me on a red-wheeled Razor scooter that seemed SO familiar.

Oh sh*t.

It was my little brother.

Very ticked off at this point, I asked him what the hell he wanted, and he replied that he was following me since I failed to give him the rubber band since HE HIMSELF took it before I could grab it, and therefore I still had to "pay him back" for the lemonade he made.

Worse still, after I yelled at him for that ridiculous claim, he started acting and talking like a mentally challenged person and shout "cute random" things to get off the hook.

Needless to say, My heart rate was 30 BPM above usual and I burned 200 more calories than usual.

My Chest hurts...

Hello World!

So...Yeah. This is a blog where I will just let off steam, share some pretty funny stories in my life, and some interesting content. Enjoy!