Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Read this.

Holy Sh*t, the US is f*cked...for the nth time.

This "bill", if it can be called one, makes me think that the people who agree with it should buy a 12-gauge shotgun with shells and play solo russian roulette with themselves.

This, really, is a serious wake-up call to all the people in our (if you're from the USA) nation to get those as*es off those laz-e-boys, get those noggins a-movin' (and for some, those shotguns a-pumpin' their own heads), and for Moot's sake, fight tyranny in the Government for once!


  1. OH NO MAN I DON'T WANNA BE F*cked. But I seriously doubt this will happen.

  2. It would be cool if you posted information about it in the post... XD

  3. Um... should I start building my cabin in the woods now? Cause I was planning on it... but not yet.

  4. Yeah as someone from the UK I have no idea what this is. Care to explain?

  5. It's basically a law proposing that if there is "infringing material" or "sensitive material" on a site like YouTube, the government can take it down without question.