Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Friggin' Little Kids...

So, today I set off on my daily jog around the neighborhood with my shiny new Polar watch and chest-strap on.

Difference today?

My friggin' little brother was following me all the way.

So here's the deal. While I was ready to go out to jog, he (and he's only 10!) viciously asks for a rubber band for no apparent reason even though he is perfectly capable of getting one himself.

Always one for the sarcasm, I fling back the suggestion that if he would make me a glass of lemonade, complete with icecubes, then I would get him the rubber band.

Being the  stingy little bastard (always has, always will be) he is, I was completely caught off guard when he marched into the kitchen and promptly returned 5 minutes later with a glass of lemonade (complete with icecubes!) in his hand and asked for the rubber band. Having no choice but to submit, I opened the drawer for a rubber band.

But, as my hand was reaching for it, he quickly grabbed one himself and walked off.

Thinking nothing of it, I went outside and began running.

But after a few minutes, I was beginning to wonder who was following me on a red-wheeled Razor scooter that seemed SO familiar.

Oh sh*t.

It was my little brother.

Very ticked off at this point, I asked him what the hell he wanted, and he replied that he was following me since I failed to give him the rubber band since HE HIMSELF took it before I could grab it, and therefore I still had to "pay him back" for the lemonade he made.

Worse still, after I yelled at him for that ridiculous claim, he started acting and talking like a mentally challenged person and shout "cute random" things to get off the hook.

Needless to say, My heart rate was 30 BPM above usual and I burned 200 more calories than usual.

My Chest hurts...


  1. When he's sleeping, dump 1000 rubber bands on him. See how he likes that.

  2. man dude that was interesting
    wanan read some more fresh content... keep it up

  3. So in conclusion....
    Brothers make for great weight-loss tools?

  4. Something strangely familiar about this story. Maybe all little brothers do the same shit.

  5. Lol fucking little brothers. So smart though for a 10 year old 0.0